Things I do

Sometimes you need a custom web app, sometimes you just need Wordpress. I can build websites or software for a variety of situations or uses. I'll help you figure out what you need, then make it a reality.

It's important that the people who use software have ownership of it. That's why I will always make it possible for you to completely take over the project, bring management or development in house, or hire someone else to work on it, even if you want me to keep handling the maintenance for you for now.

Running a website in particular can be a little like owning a puppy. There are a few ongoing costs and tasks needed to keep it healthy. I'll be sure to work with you to figure out how many of those you want to take on yourself (for instance, if you have enough internal IT to host it yourself), or if you want me to just take care of it.

Want to hire me? Check out my page on how to hire me or just contact me at for a free consultation.